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Position Details: Senior C++ Software Engineer

Location: Hendon, South Australia
Openings: 1
Salary Range: 95k to 110k


One of the leaders in its field this company is experiencing tremendous growth and looking to beef up its software development team.

Be part of their exciting journey and join a team of highly experienced engineers developing the next generation of mission-critical systems.

Adelaide is a beautiful city. Well laid out wide roads, little traffic, and lovely vistas.

If you're considering a more picturesque life and you're in another state why not consider relocating.

Your required skills & experience:

  • high level of programming aptitude (design, implementation, documentation)

  • C++11 (our codebase has adopted C++17)

  • Linux development toolchain (e.g. clang/GCC/GDB/perf)

  • distributed version control (git)

  • strong written and verbal communication skills

  • taking technical leadership in large/complex projects

What's in it for you?:

  • working with a team of experienced engineers on exciting, high-impact projects for clients around the world

  • Linux development environment

  • use popular open source tools/libraries

  • work with a clean, modern and carefully maintained codebase / build system

  • established peer code-review process and software development standard

  • Projects range from:

    • GUI (Gtkmm, OpenSceneGraph) – rich graphics, specialised interactions

    • audio/video capture/streaming/playback (gstreamer)

    • 3rd-party device integration (e.g. TCP/UDP/serial/ARINC based protocols)

    • embedded platform targets

    • turnkey solutions

    • algorithm/methodology development (applied maths/statistics)

    • networking, inter-process communication, multi-threading…

Lots of diversity of projects - this is an opportunity for a Software Engineer who wants to contribute as well as learn from a highly experienced team of engineers.

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